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Brake Repair

Your braking system is vital to staying safe on the road. You should have your brake system checked at least once per year to make sure that your vehicle will stop when you need it to.

The brake system is made up of several parts including the rotor, the caliper, and the brake pads or shoes. The rotor is a large disc attached to the wheel. When you press your brake peddle, the caliper squeezes the rotor creating friction which slows your car down.

The brake pads are what takes the friction from he caliper so over time they wear down because of that friction. brake pads should be checked every time you have your oil changed.

Signs your brakes need repairs:

  • A piercing squeak when you use the brakes
  • A scraping or grinding sound that occurs while driving. This is most likely an indication of a brake or bearing issue, and it should be inspected immediately.
  • Shaking or vibrations during braking.
  • Utilizing more pressure to brake than is usual for your vehicle.