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Auto Maintenance FAQs

Should I worry about servicing my leased vehicle?
Yes. Even though you are not technically buying the vehicle you are still responsible for it's upkeep and maintenance. Not changing your oil regularly can lead to engine problem which can be very expensive.
Why does my car shake or shudder when I brake?
Shaking or shuddering when you brake could be a sign of warped rotor. A rotor is the disc that the brake pads squeeze to slow down your car when you apply the brake. If this disc is warped it can cause a shudder.
How do I know when I need new brakes?
There are several things that can happen when it is time to replace your brakes. Sometimes your brake may make a squeaking sound, your car may pull to one side when you brake or you may notice that it takes longer to come to a stop than normal. However, sometimes these symptoms may not be very noticeable so it is always a good idea to get your brake system checked regularly.
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Customer Reviews

Brakes for less in Madison is fantastic. They finished installing my brakes in less than two hours! Thad, the manager, is very caring and friendly. I will be getting all the types of service done here that they handle! Highly recommended.

– Andrea Williams,
brakes for less car repair services
Customer Reviews

Brakes for less is the best place for brake and rotor changing. I would recommend them to anyone! Thad who works up front was very professional and courteous! All employees were polite and spoke to my little ones as my car was being fixed. They are very friendly and professional!

– Caitlin Gallegos,
Customer Reviews

Great experience! Super professional! Can’t see myself taking my BMW anywhere else for the price and quality of service!

– Curtis Wilson,